Goodbye Wirex 20210502

We closed started trying to close our Wirex account today after about three years of good service which recently degenerated into a shit-show.

Why did we leave ?

  • Two outstanding help-desk requests were never answered ( 2021-03-19/#369806 and 2021-04-02/#406092 ).
    No explanation.
  • The new Wirex Visa card did not work with AliExpress , the BTC would be debited and immediately refunded.
    No explanation.
  • The 'sats back' programme switched to their own WXT shitcoin , much less useful.
    Converting WXT back to BTC incurred fees too , odd as it is basically using their own database (?!).
  • We deposited BTC into our account , this was stuck at 'Pending' for a week leaving us without money for food shopping during the COVID19 pandemic and lockdown.
    No explanation.
  • Our Wirex IBAN account number disappeared , we only discovered this by having a bank transfer refused and returned.
    No warning , notification or explanation.
  • Unable to send funds via IBAN.
  • When we moved our remaining BTC to another account we were charged 22 euros in fees , reducing our 93 euros to 70 euros.
    Even though Segwit BECH32 addresses have been implemented in Bitcoin for almost four years they are still not implemented at Wirex.
    So you pay 30% more on network fees on every transaction , Wirex don't care about you or the Bitcoin network.
  • Wirex is a shitcoin casino , every time you open the Android app you are presented with an interstitial advert for a shitcoin.
  • Helpdesk ticket ( 20210508/#469435 ) closed without resolution , account still open. WTF ?
  • On our second helpdesk ticket ( 20210509/#480804 ) we discovered we are unable to close our account until we spend the 248 WXT shitcoin , worth 3.87 Euros , how ?
    It is too small an amount to even be able to convert to fiat. #mental
    Got a reply - "We experienced an unexpected increase in inquiries in the last few weeks. It will take us a tad longer to process your request."
  • Another attempt to start to close our account (20210528/#516477) was finally successful!
    Today (20210603) , Marharyta confirmed that our account would be closed in the next 30 days and a letter has been mailed to confirm this.
    It has taken just over a month of requests to make this happen!
    Such a sense of relief and completion.
  • No letter of confirmation yet (20210611)

We have switched to Bitwala which seems a lot more professional , sign-up and get a 15 Euro referral gift.


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